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Helping YOU get the "Right People, Doing the Right Things"!
A combined approach using ideas of Peter Drucker & W. Edwards Deming.



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How do you know you are:
"Getting the Right People" Doing the "Right Things"?

There are ways to find out if you have the "right people" doing the "right things" for your organization.

It is possible to improve your results while you work.

You can transform your business without taking undue risk.

How? Read on...

Bill Parker

Some business leaders I've worked with were frustrated by the selection processes and the resulting mismatched people who ended up in jobs that "did not fit". A 'warm body' seemed at times better than having 'no body' in the role.
Once a staffing decision was made, focus many times shifted to "process efficiency" without confirming that the person new to the role and the process steps they were following were correct for the organization's long term objectives.
What can you expect from "2 Transform Business"?
  • Help to reach "clarity and certainty" about the correct use of people's natural talents.
  • Learn how to transform your business within an evolving market place and your people in a changing workplace.
Stay ahead of the "power curve" so you can change before the market forces "take you out".
After a decade in the US Air Force, I worked in Corporate Human Resources for over 20 years with Texas Instruments and Fujitsu. My assignments included work in international as well as USA business units. I have also been influenced by ideas W Edwards Deming, Peter F. Drucker, and many others.
As a consultant, I help companies by first confirming & accepting their reality and then by building a process for deciding on the "right things" to do. These concepts are continuously being studied by others in the business world, written about, and reinvented. I am available to help you and perhaps you too can...
Enjoy Your Discovery!


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