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What is meant by "Getting the Right People"?

Many hiring managers and supervisors use a process or tool to help them select the right person for a role they want to fill in their department or organization. It may be as simple as selecting the next person ready to take on the job or even the next one who comes up and says, "let me try it".

Studies have shown however, that the best approach is to determine certain factors about the role you need filled and then apply these factors in your search to find the right person who is available at the time. If you have planned ahead, the person may be in your organization and is ready to take on the role. If this is not the situation, then to "get going". Consider doing the following:

  1. Knowledge, Skills, Experience - The basics for filling any role. What does the person need to know? What skills do they need to have? What experience would be helpful or critical to help the person be successful in the role? If you expect someone who has limited language skills for example to do well in a role requiring clear communications, you may be courting failure!

  2. Attitudes & Ethics - Relatively recent factors in assessments are the confirmation that the person, regardless of their other abilities, will have the right attitude and ethics (soft factors.) These will be necessary to succeed long term in the "job". The finance guy who left his last position because he stole a dessert at the company cafeteria, may not be the right person to add to your team; unless you have someone who will be double checking everything he does.

  3. Strengths & Talents - This is probably the most effective short and long term indicator of "role fit". Studies have confirmed that organizations who focus first on clarifying which strengths a person will need in a role will have a "many fold" increase in their success to get the "Right Person". These talents are those things "people are born with that can be nurtured and polished" to then add to both personal and organizational success when applied. An example is the necessity of having a person strong on strategic thought to be in a role of leadership in the company. If the leader can not see the vision clearly and know how to communicate how to get there, success is doubtful.

What can you do to get the "Right People"?

Start with the Gallup Organization's work written in their 2001 book, "Now, Discover your Strengths" and other similar works. If you have not read this book yet and taken the survey to determine your own top 5 strengths, do that first. (www.strengthsfinder.com) See also their sequel Strengths Finder 2.

Combine this with the requirements for the role to be filled and you are on the path. Get help if this effort distracts you from your customers.



Getting the "Right People, Doing the Right Things"

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