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By asking the right questions of your assessments & processes!

What do we mean by people "Doing the Right Things?"

1. Process Improvement - Many think this is the first step - (Faster, Better, Cheaper.) Risk = wrong processes can waste a lot of resources and not transform your business. (E.g. a process optimized for cost reduction my help your people do something for less cost; but if it makes the customer confused or doubt your service focus, you'll loose business eventually.


2. Process Validation - How easily can you go back to your business objectives, confirm the process best suited to balance the customer and your needs, and then plan the transition from what you are doing to what needs to be done? (e.g. a new order taking system that requires customers to repeatedly provide the same information gets frustrating for people and they will go elsewhere if they have an option.)


What can you do to know you are "Doing the Right Things"?

A. Find a 'W. Edward Deming' influenced - industry familiar - process change person who is at least ahead of you on the "capability" curve. They will come down your learning curve quicker, have the discipline to be realistic, and be tactical enough to implement your strategic ideas.

B. Engage a helper to examine what you are doing in the context of what business you are trying to serve. An outside person will often have the objectivity to tell you the truth, know of other solutions others have tried, and teach your employees how to this step instinctively.

C. Provide support; whether that is your time, people's time, financial (with a budget and returns identified), or your vendors/customers.

D. Keep up with periodic reviews until implementation success is confirmed.



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"Getting the Right People, Doing the Right Things "

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